Texas Mom Wakes Up from Surgery with a Strange Accent


A Texas woman recently underwent surgery to correct an overbite, and when she woke up, she got the shock of a life time, as she did not even recognize her own voice. In an extremely rare speech disorder that has reportedly affected less than one hundred people over the last…

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Human Caused texas earthquakes since 1925


Man Made Earthquakes May Be On The Rise In Texas In more recent times people all over becoming familiar with fracking. Fracking is a fracturing of the Earth by using water for oil and gas extraction. Historic data shows that there is a substantial increase in earthquakes in Texas since…

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Texas Grants Child Care License to Migrant Detention Center


Licensing authorities in Texas have granted a temporary childcare license to an immigration detention center in Karnes City. The license is necessary for housing children. Immigration advocates claim that the facilities are nothing more than a prison. The issue is, the state does not want to have to release the…

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